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Fasttel also uses cookies:

This makes it easier for you to surf our website, for example, without having to repeatedly entering the same information. These cookies also provide us with information (related to surfing behaviour) that allows us to improve our sites; this information is anonymous.

To make optimal use of the site, it is necessary to accept the cookies. If you do not accept them, the site may sometimes look strangeā€¦

We use the following cookies: -Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager (data analysis cookies): These cookies provide us with (anonymous) information about the surfing behaviour of our visitors. It allows us to see which pages are frequently visited and which are visited less often, so we can improve our site for you.
-Language cookie: This lets us remember your language preference.
-Facebook retargeting cookie: this allow us to show you ads on Facebook and Instagram after a visit to our website.

Google does not share anonymous information about your visits with third parties. The Google cookies are removed after a maximum of 2 years.

You can also remove the cookies from your browser yourself by going to your browser settings and deleting your history. A word of caution: erasing your history means that you will have to enter all your passwords again, choose language preferences again etc.

Privacy policy:

Fasttel does not share data from customers, visitors or prospects with third parties. When you complete a form, your data is placed in a file which can only be used for our own marketing purposes and only if you have given your explicit permission for this use. You may view, modify or request the removal of your data at any time.

Data is kept for a period of 2 years. Fasttel does everything it can to keep your data secure.

All users are entitled to submit a complaint to the Privacy Commission if they believe that Fasttel is in breach of the regulations ( The legal framework for this privacy statement is the GDPR.