FREE built-in Mifare reader and one key / tag with Elite IP


The Wizard Elite IP comes default with an invisible badge reader for access control. This reader can be activated by purchasing a € 95 license. In March and April Fasttel delivers that built-in Mifare reader and one key / tag completely FREE! The Mifare reader switches the 2nd relay in the intercom as standard, but can be connected to various access control systems via a Wiegand bus.

This makes our access control complete. Single keys can be ordered: Article number FTPROXIS-IP Mifare keychain protocol ISO14443 - Mifair 13.56Mhz

This free addition allows the user to open his own door with a simple movement and does not have to purchase an external access control system. 999 users can be created and these can simply be deleted again via the web browser.

Badgelezer wizard Elite

NEW: Wizard Elite frame in electro-polished stainless steel


We are pleased to announce our first new products of this new year: Wizard Elite frame in electro-polished stainless steel.
The Elite is supplied as standard in a 5 mm thick, natural or black anodized frame. If you want it even more special, you can now also order the option of electro-polished stainless steel. By using an electrical current with special electrolytes, the stainless steel frame is extra purified.
The result is spectacular:
1. Greatly improved corrosion resistance. Rust formation is impossible.
2. Great resistance to stickiness and formation of deposits.
3. Much easier to clean.
4. Extremely hygienic and bacteriologically pure surface (ideal for cleanrooms).
5. Smoother and more level surface, less roughness.
6. High shine.

We also now offer the Wizard Bronze and stand-alone code keyboard FT24K in a stainless steel look. We do this by nickel plating the brass base plate.

Verder bieden we nu ook de Wizard Bronze en stand alone code klavier FT24K aan in inox look. We verkrijgen dit door de messing basisplaat te vernikkelen.

Kader wizard Elite

NEW: Free RTSP stream via update


The Wizard IP of Fasttel has a 160° camera which is discreetly hidden away right behind the glass. As a result, no visitor can "hide" and yet without them feeling spied on. The MJPEG stream that we supplied before is now being extended with a free RTSP stream. This increases the ability to integrate with third-party applications tremendously. We have in mind screens from suppliers of home automation, recording devices such as Synology NAS, etc. Update your Wizard IP free via our website (choose button Software ). Update your Wizard IP free on our website (choose button Software ).

Gratis RTSP stream via update

Fasttel customized solutions


People who opt for Fasttel are increasingly doing so for the customised solutions that we are happy to offer. No cheap plastic materials but a carefully worked out finished product. The process is completely guided by the installer and the end customer. We would like to suggest 2 such examples:

First 2 pictures: Stainless steel letterbox completely RAL7021 with videophone, letterbox flap and frameless built-in external camera. Picture 3 and 4: Back with extra sturdy door, "anti-fishing" protection and frameless access keypad.

Picture 5: Stainless steel letterbox completely RAL9005, floating and through the wall. Frameless built-in videophone, house number, letterbox and package box.

More customized solutions and projects on this page

Bronze surface mounted


The Wizard Bronze is now also available in surface mount: FT24BUL. As always, the basic material is pure brass. This is then polished by hand and then bronzed in 3 possible colors.

Wizard Bronze surface mounted
Wizard Bronze surface mounted

Frameless rear construction Wizard Elite


The Wizard Elite is finished with a brushed aluminum frame. But: integrating the Wizard from behind so that his glass plate is flush with the rest remains the ultimate. This piece of customization is now greatly facilitated with the new FT25HV frame.

Make the recess for the glass, micro and loudspeaker and stick the FT25HV 1 cm from the inside. Then the entire door phone is fixed in its entirety with nuts. Simple but the result is a beautifully tight whole!

frameless rear construction Elite