Keypads in bronze or glass

A code keyboard or keypad is a modern access system for homes, garages and commercial premises that is integrated into a code panel. There is therefore no key involved. Instead, these work with an access screen or card reader. An electronic card or the correct numerical code is then used to access the building or, for example, a specific room in the building. The code keypad is often placed outside near the door, lift or garage door and often provides a solution for ringing the bell in apartment buildings with many dwellings, or when access needs to be granted to several people.

The keyless entry method also increases security in commercial and private premises. The card reader can be linked to systems that allow you to see who has entered the building or room. Need a keypad in a special colour? We lacquer them in the colour of your choice. This allows you to fit them into their surroundings even better.

FT23K Keypad bronze by Fasttel


FT24K Keypad bronze by Fasttel


FT25K Keypad by Fasttel


Stylish keypads by Fasttel