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Are you looking for a superlative letterbox with a great design? Fasttel offers designer letterboxes that will really stand out in your doorway. Your designer letterbox can also be expanded to include a sleek, integrated intercom or video-phone with code keypad and/or fingerprint reader. All in one stunning (portrait or landscape) unit.

Fasttel letterbox bronze

Our bronze designer letterbox creates genuine added value for your entrance. Your home telephones are used as answer points. As well as your smartphones and tablets.

Would you like to provide important information or another message on the panel? You can also choose to have your house number, a motto or names engraved and also coloured, if you wish. Take a look at our customised bronze name frames.

Wireless integration options

The Fasttel systems are wireless and flexible and easy to install as a result. Would you like a designer letterbox with extra options, such as a speaker, microphone and possibly a video camera for extra security at your business premises, home or site? It is far less work and effort than you may expect.

Different models

Fasttel designer letterboxes in copper, or aluminium (with or without toughened glass). The copper version can be coloured bronze, honey or dark bronze and adds a rustic touch to your home.

The aluminium version is a modern letterbox and comes in black or grey. The products and devices that Fasttel suppliers for outdoors are made in super-durable materials, so that your designer letterbox and also your intercom system or code keypad lasts longer.

The screws for installation and push-buttons are made of copper, you can opt to have the camera fitted in a hidden location, and your microphone and/or speakers are not susceptible to weather, soil or wind. A camera can be installed in clear view or in a hidden location so that visitors do not feel as if they are being viewed but unwanted visitors are less tempted to vandalise property.



Wizard Bronze Specifications
  1. Fastening screws in copper.
  2. Individually fixed copper armatures protect the loudspeaker against rain, wind, and dust.
  3. A Black & White camera our colour camera is discreetly incorporated, so that the visitor has no feeling of being watched or vanadalism is not attracted.
  4. The push buttons are made in copper and enlightened in the middle.
  5. Both names and house numbecan be engraved and coloured.
  6. The optional keypad can control up to 40 contacts and can be used as a telephone.
  7. Very sensitive and protected microphone.
  8. Housing in copper.
  9. Letter sleeve.


Horizontal model

Without door phone

Total dimension
200x390mm (HxW)

Recess to provide for flush mounted model:
Height: 165 mm
Width: 355 mm
Depth: MIN. 205 mm to MAX. 360 mm

200x390 (HxW) for back with door


Total dimension front:
200x690mm (HxW)

Recess to provide column:
Heigth: 165 mm
Width: 355 mm
Depth: MIN. 205 mm to MAX. 360 mm

135x245x62mm (HxWxD) for door phone

Vertical model


Total dimension front and back with door:
390x200mm (HxB)

Recess to provide for column:
Height: 355 mm
Width: 165 mm
Depth: MIN. 205 mm to MAX. 360 mm

390x200 (HxW) for back with door


Total dimension front:
690x200mm (HxW)

Recess to provide column:
Height: 355 mm
width: 165 mm
Depth: MIN. 205 mm to MAX. 360 mm

245x135x62mm (HxWxD) for door phone

In detail

Fasttel letterbox bronze
Detail backside with integrated door phone.
Fasttel letterbox bronze
FT25BIL: flush mounted frame for optional door phone


Fasttel letterbox bronze extension speech


Speech module which makes it possible to answer your visitor with a spoken message. In addition, when answering a call, you hear a message, for example the "front door" or the "side-gate". This for each button. Thus, the visitor knows that his call is handled and you know immediately at which outside station and at which button your visitor rings.

Fasttel letterbox bronze ip talk


With the module IPTALK you can transform, without any problem, each Wizard into a full IP door phone. Via a built-in Web page, you keep the total control of all the possible adjustments. Very compact: only 93x65x26mm.

Fasttel letterbox bronze


This input/output module extends greatly the possibilities of the Wizard series. Thus, you can make 8 additional controls with your telephone and the optional keypad. Therefore, the FT8SW is also necessary when you have to control independently several doors. The external cameras are also integrated via this module. You can then again select these cameras via the telephone. It is also used to redirect automatically the Wizard series in your absence to another number (for example, a GSM number).

Also available with 4 relays: FT4SW.

Fasttel letterbox bronze


Thanks to this LON pin-up module, the Wizard Classic can be connected to the FT8SW and FT4SW. Required for:

  • commanding more than 1 contact
  • commanding more than 1 camera
  • connecting to the Cult video module.
Fasttel letterbox bronze
Fasttel letterbox bronze


Fasttel can provide coloured name and house number engravings for your Wizard Bronze in the font and colour of your choice.

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fasttel letterbox bronze

fasttel letterbox bronze

fasttel letterbox bronze

fasttel letterbox bronze

fasttel letterbox bronze

fasttel letterbox bronze

fasttel letterbox bronze

fasttel letterbox bronze

fasttel letterbox bronze