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Fasttel has designed a stylish perfect door entry solution for you to descreetly screen visitors before answering the front door. Improve entrance security whilst protecting your home without compromising on style and elegance. This attractive sleek flush-mounted LCD monitor is discreetly built into the wall and finished in a brushed aluminium frame. Superior to the majority of built in stations that are usually manufactured in plastic. The designer screen is a real eye-catcher. Looks perfectly placed in an office environment - placed on a side board or reception desk/counter.

The desk top version is ideal for areas where it is not possible or desirable to drill holes in a wall. The module "Image on PC’’ shows automatically the image on your PC screen and disappears when you hang up. The special available software takes a photograph of the caller and stores it neatly on the hard disk. Using a UHF modulator you can then view the image later on your PC.


FT24CC video module

The most important feature on the FT24CC is the usability. While designing the phone, the concept was with the user’s business in the foreground.

video module fasttel

FT25CC is a VoIP videophone equipped with an Android operating system.

FT25CC is available in a variety of models.

video module fasttel

With the FT26CC multimedia IP telephone, Fasttel combines the practical functions of an Android multimedia telephone with the functionality of a traditional SIP telephone.

video module fasttel

Color 3.5" LCD screen for all types of analogue outdoor posts. This model excels because of its tightness. It is fully finished in lacquered aluminium and glass.

video module fasttel Cult


The luxury flagship of indoor units, versatile and stylish

video module fasttel

The IPSERVER transforms the image of each Fasttel door phone to an IP image. First the video is transformed from UTP to coax via the DB9602. Then, the image arrives in the network via the IPSERVER and his built in web browser. Each person who is authorized to browse to to that web browser can examine the image. In this way, no software has to be installed. ONLY for Windows operating system. very compact: For mac:order the IPSERVERM