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Advanced technology, top design

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Proven reliability

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Rustic and elegant

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Video telephony for everyone

Our door phones are in black, alu, silver or bronze, but when you need a door phone, column or access keypad in a special colour, we’ll colour it for you! From now on we can coat our products in your preferred colour. You ensures that the intercoms, registration columns and code keyboards from Fasttel even better match their surroundings. Examples.

The (wireless) door phones (intercoms) and videophones from Fasttel: make room for flexibility, increased security and optimised communication. Top technology in a superlative design

An ordinary intercom or videophone allows you to communicate with the person at your door, without having to open it. An intercom gives you a sense of security if someone calls around unexpectedly or late at night.

These intercom and videophone systems comprise an outdoor unit and one or more units that serve as answering points (indoors). The often old-fashioned looking indoor unit is made up of a fixed wall unit with a telephone that you pick up when there is a call, and the outdoor unit which is connected to the indoor unit via a cable. Fasttel offers a much better and more effective system.

Wireless systems

Our door phones and videophones are fully or partially wireless. Our solutions are increasingly integrated with your (wireless) telephones, laptops, tablets or mobile telephones. So walls don't have to be damaged or additional cables laid. Fasttel products are suitable for analogue and digital (IP) integrations.

Difference videophone - door phone

Fasttel's videophones are the same model as our intercoms but have a discrete or practically invisible camera built in. Your visitors, therefore, will not feel as if they are being watched when they ring the bell. You can choose a colour or black/white camera. The camera from the Wizard Elite IP, for example, has a viewing angle of as much as 160 degrees without any deformation! This creates great flexibility in terms of installing the intercom; it can be installed in the most difficult corners. The camera can also work in two directions if you wish: you see your visitor and the visitor sees you.

Using with your smartphone, tablet or computer

You're not at home? No problem, you can view the live video images on your smartphone or tablet. So, no unwanted visitors. You no longer have to stay at home to receive that important package you ordered online; when your supplier rings the doorbell, just ask for the package to be left with the neighbours or around the corner. Or you could just open your gate. You don't need to view the images live as there is a recording module available to view them afterwards. The videophone can also be connected to your computer. Somebody rings the bell and you immediately see who it is via an automatic pop-up.

Applying our products

The designer intercoms and videophones from Fasttel are suitable for homes and estates, businesses and offices.

Fasttel offers several products with top quality design credentials. We only use the very best, most durable materials. No plastic systems, only carefully hand-assembled intercoms with an eye for detail. You could, for example, upload your name and a welcome text which will be shown on the LED screen (according to the model). Our systems are available with or without a camera.

Make your choice:

The range of intercoms/videophones from Fasttel is divided into five designs: Elite, Classic, Bronze, Elegance and Flexitalk. The Wizard Elite is the most innovative intercom. It is a modern design, available as a fixed or wireless intercom or videophone, and can also transfer to external (mobile) telephones. The latest generation Elite is now on the market, in full IP (SIP) variant. Do you prefer simplicity and a less eye-catching design? The Wizard Classic has been the standard model among intercoms and videophones for 20 years and is ideal for both private and business purposes. If you are seeking a more rural, chic appearance and a genuinely unique welcome for your guests, the Wizard Bronze will be your favourite solution for access control. The Wizard Elegance combines the brushed aluminium of the Classic with the glass of the Elite. Finally, the Flexitalk is available at a price that is affordable to all, allowing everyone to benefit from our wireless intercom systems.

Intercom extensions and integrations

Even though the basic Fasttel model is very comprehensive, there are also a range of expansion options. With a code keypad or badge reader for key-free access, a voice module so that your visitor can be welcomed with a pre-recorded message, automatic door-opening, integrated letterbox, a customised outdoor unit... Comfort, design and safety in one!

Tips and information

Our tips and information provide further details about our range of modules and systems. You can also read about integration with a telephone exchange.

Indoor units

Would you like a flush-mounted or wall-mounted answer system or a tabletop model? Fasttel has modules with a stylish design, continuous expansion and adaptation options and settings on the basis of your personal preferences. The more luxurious models also offer image and multimedia functions. You can also use your smartphone or computer as an indoor unit. See our indoor units.

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